Funny, Isn't It? by Jeanne Charters


Jeanne Charters

Jeanne Charters

My earliest childhood recollection is a high chair that collapsed into a potty chair. I must have been under two at the time of this memory because my mother swore I was potty trained by one year of age. I would sit in that chair, diaperless, and be fed gruel or something resembling it and then feel the chair collapsed so I could poop my little brains out. Very efficient, I’d say, but weird, don’t you think?

Maybe that’s why I am plagued with various neuroses to this day!

Anyway, I’ve grown up some since then and have managed to learn to walk, talk, tie my own shoelaces and birth four wonderful daughters who are the light of my life. I’ve also managed to navigate a successful second marriage---a feat most of my friends in New York would have given 10-1 odds against twenty-five years ago.

funny, isn’t it?” comes from the silliest recesses of my soul and is an attempt to be known, liked and accepted by you, the most precious reader in the world.



Jeanne Charters
author of Funny, Isn't it?