Daughters of Ireland Series

The Daughters of Ireland series started out as a four-generation novel called Daughters of Famine. Writing class instructors and published authors alike told Jeanne, “Each of these women (generations) deserves her own book,” and they were right.

So Jeanne started over and told Mary Boland’s story in the original novel of the Daughters of Ireland series Shanty Gold.

Jeanne heard Mary’s magical name throughout her Irish-American childhood from her mother and aunts. She was Jeanne’s great-grandmother. There were no pictures of her and no records of her accomplishments, but she came to Jeanne in dreams…a frisky young girl with curly red hair, riding her horse along the Irish seacoast.

“Tell my story,” she whispered. As years passed, that whisper became a roar. That’s how Mary, and the Daughters of Ireland series was born.