Lace Curtain Book Reviews and Endorsements

Lace Curtain Book Reviews

Meet Nellie Kelly

She lives in Boston just after the Civil War.

In her world, there are three cultures: Silk Stocking Irish, who are wealthy and educated and look down their noses at the Shanty Irish, who are poor and illiterate.

And then, there are the Lace Curtain Irish. They are the Middle Class Irish.

Nellie is the daughter of Shanty-Irish parents, now risen to Lace Curtain middle class.

Will Nellie possess the wisdom and perseverance of her mother, Mary Boland? Or will she succumb to sexual attraction and convention and wed a scoundrel?

Neo is the son of African slaves, now one of the richest Black men in America. Will Neo break free from the white supremacy mindset in America? Or die at the end of a rope? Will a return to Ireland change the course of each of their lives?

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What Readers are Saying

“After reading Shanty Gold, I was happy to see the 2nd book of the Trilogy.
The characters are warm blooded and strong women to boot. A fine adventure story.” – Robin Mays Mallernee

“A wonderful follow up to Shanty Gold that picks up where we left off and introduces us to Nellie, a young American of Irish immigrants living in Boston during the late 1800s. Having read it on International Women’s Day, I see Nellie as the embodiment of a girl and young woman forging her own path under the love of her parents and close friends. From catholic school to the circus and Ireland you’ll root for Nellie and be as sad as I am that the book ended!”  – A. Bellcourt

“Parents always want better for their children. It was no different for Mary Boland whose daughter, Nellie Kelly, was born in Boston, far from Ireland and the woes of the famine in book one, Shanty Gold. Charters’ description of the times and people bring the story to life. YA and adults will embrace the parallels of the late 1800s and today. Love, life, and death are common threads woven throughout. Outstanding story!” — CJ Loiacono

“Jeanne Charters is a great writer. Her books immediately engage you. The characters are very interesting and dynamic. The author clearly does a lot of research on her subject. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended!.” — Cori C

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