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Before there was #MeToo–before Fake News–before tribal politics, the seeds were being planted…

Newsroom Dispute Turns Violent In Yellow, A Journalism Thriller

A principled news director, a ruthless female television manager known as The Barracuda, and a corporate manager with a gambling addiction set the stage for a thriller where manipulation of the news for personal gain trumps journalistic integrity.

Meet Finley Smith, News Director for the largest TV station in Pennsylvania.

When she learns from her top reporter that the Pennsylvania Governor has hired a mob-owned construction company to repair a bridge in Pittsburgh, she plans to report it.

However, her unscrupulous station manager orders her to “leave it alone.” But when a reporter’s probe reveals dangerous truths about the construction company’s shoddy work, Finley opts to buck the system and run the stories. Thus, a deadly conflict is set in motion.

Although Finley’s reputation is impeccable, making it difficult to fire her, the station manager and corporate president conspire to have her eliminated.

Will Finley emerge with the truth — and her life — intact?

A veteran of broadcast television, Jeanne draws from her own experiences to inform the character development and story arc, lending authenticity to every page.

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clothes lines front cover


What do women really think about clothes and fashion?

Celia H. Miles and Nancy Dillingham, co-editors and contributors, have been publishing their wildly popular a 241-page anthology entitled CLOTHES LINES for some time now.

CLOTHES LINES  is the combined work from Jeanne Charters and 74 other western North Carolina women writers.

This wonderful book covers everything from Birkenstocks to bras, red shoes to pink polyester pant suits, from prom dresses to funeral gowns; these women writers who are as different as their garments reflect on their fascination with and feelings for the clothes they wear, remember, resist, and revere (or not).…