Back to Ireland with Mary Boland from Shanty Gold

I’m back. My second book in the Daughters of Ireland trilogy, Lace Curtain, will be published in March, 2019. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Isn’t that totally awesome?

I know it’s been ages since you’ve heard from me. I could give you lots of excuses like I have two dogs now and have spent the last year trying to get the puppy to stop peeing on the floor.

Or my husband is experiencing dementia and my caretaker hours are definitely impacting my book marketing. Both of which are true, but boring.

Well, the new puppy info is not boring because he’s adorable and doing much better on the “no pee and poop on the floor” front (though sometimes he slips).

He’s a Yorkshire terrier, you see, and if you google housetraining a yorkie, you’ll understand how difficult the task can be. His name is Archie for Archibald. Which I think is an appropriate name for an English breed. This is Archie with his little sister.


Lace Curtain is about Mary Boland’s daughter, Nellie. The reason for the title is that historically, Irish immigrants worked themselves up the social ladder from Shanty Irish to Lace Curtain (middle class) and then, some even became Silk Stocking Irish (like the Kennedys).

The last book is supposed to be Silk Stocking, but I’m kind of reconsidering that.

Stay tuned.

I hope if you’re reading this that you are among the many folks who are wondering whatever happened to Mary Boland after Shanty Gold concluded. If so, I have a present for you.

Just send a quick email to, and I will send back the prologue for Lace Curtain which tells what happens to Mary and Daniel five years after the conclusion of S.G. You’ll love it.

And please encourage me to keep writing for you. I need to know you care. With love always.