Hello readers! I’m excited to announce the March publication of Lace Curtain, my follow-up novel to Shanty Gold.

So many of you loved the first book, and I hope you’ll like Lace Curtain as much or more. It’s been fascinating writing this second book.

Watching Mary Boland mature and confront her challenges was inspiring to me as a woman of the 21st Century. My goal in writing these stories is to inspire today’s girls as they try to overcome the sexism and racism of their own times.

Mary would be a tough act to follow for any daughter, especially one as strong and independent as Nellie Kelly. In Lace Curtain, we explore the natural adoration and competition that existed then and still does in many mother-daughter relationships.

Complicating Mary’s and Nelliie’s journeys to understanding are the challenges of Puritan Boston during the years of the Industrial Revolution.

You’ll meet many of the Shanty Gold characters again in Lace Curtain. Daniel Kelly, Kamua Okafor, and others, all a little older and wiser.

And you’ll meet their children and several new characters who will bring new conflicts into their lives.

Come along for an inspiring ride through 19th Century America and Ireland.