Lace Curtain – Book 2 in the Daughters of Ireland Saga

The Daughters of Ireland Saga Continues…Meet Nellie Kelly

It’s just after the end of the Civil War.

She lives in Boston and in her world, there are three cultures:

Silk Stocking Irish, who are wealthy and educated and look down their noses at the Shanty Irish, who are poor and illiterate.

The Shanty folks call the Silk Stocking Irish four flushers which means people who are phonies and full of empty boasting.

And then, there are the Lace Curtain Irish.

They are the Middle Class Irish. They strive to become Silk Stocking – well-to-do, successful and respected.

Nellie is the daughter of Shanty-Irish parents, now risen to Lace Curtain middle class.

Will Nellie possess the wisdom and perseverance of her mother, Mary Boland? Or will she succumb to sexual attraction and convention and wed a scoundrel?

Meet Neo.

Neo is the son of African slaves, now one of the richest Black men in America. Will Neo break free from the white supremacy mindset in America? Or die at the end of a rope?

Will a return to Ireland change the course of each of their lives?

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