The Daughters of Ireland Trilogy is Complete!

Start your adventure in reading with Shanty Gold and meet Mary Boland who, at 13 years and starving, is sold to the crew of a coffin ship escaping the Great Irish Famine of 1849. Suicidal after being gang raped by the crew, she meets Kamua Okafor, an African slave boy on the ship. The rest is history.

Next, dive into Lace Curtain, Book Two, and learn of Mary’s marriage to Michael Kelly, another orphan of the Famine, now in Boston. A true love match, the two claw their way into the middle class, he as a lawyer-educated attorney, and she, as a midwife. Their only child, Kathleen, beautiful and brilliant, becomes the first college graduate in the family as a member of Vassar’s first graduating class. Her future is bright until she becomes unmarried and pregnant.

Onto the third book, Silk Stocking, where Nellie, in a pregnancy ruse, marries Sean O’Halloran whose goal is to become the first Irish-American Mayor of Boston. But Sean is also a consummate bastard.

Jeanne is now hard at work on her fifth novel, a multi-generational 21 st century tale of women (untitled as yet).

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