Ah, the Glam Life of a Writer!

So now my book is going to be published! Yippedidoo dah!


The problem with that is, now I hardly can find the time to write Lace Curtain, the second part of my trilogy.


In today’s world, publishers don’t give first-time writers much help in promotion, scheduling of appearances, and generally creating the “buzz” needed to sell books.


Not to whine—but I am whining!                       So You Wanna be a Writer


So, I’m working really hard every day on promotion. I plan readings in Asheville, North Carolina (where I live); Albany, NY (where I used to live); Springfield, Ohio (where I was born), Savannah, GA, and Boston, MA. If you want me to come to your town, let me know.


One problem is I don’t know many people in Boston. And Boston has the highest percentage of Irish-Americans in the nation.


Anybody out there have contacts in Boston? Help me out here. I’ll love you forever. I’ll even root for the Patriots come Super Bowl time. Unless Tom Brady gets away with deflategate!a_011