If you ever fly across the seas to Ireland,

If you ever fly across the sea to Ireland



And I’m hoping, dear friend, that you will. As I’ve told you, the Emerald Isle is my

favorite vacation destination. Italy comes a very close second.


In the 1950s during his first visit to Ireland, Johnny Cash wrote the song Forty Shades of Green, but that doesn’t do justice to flying over Ireland in daylight.


There are so many more than forty shades down there—all neatly divided into squares by hedgerows or stone fences.


They roll and roll beneath your eyes and the variety of the colors of green takes your breath away and prepares you for what will be a verdant time among the friendliest people on earth.


Today, I live in the mountains of North Carolina, a beautiful and virescent part of America, but there’s something different about the greens in Ireland.


You’ll just have to go and see for yourself. Fly, drive, and stay in a different B and B each night. Make sure you’re in walking distance of a pub.


Oh, on the driving part, I’ll save that for another post. Suffice it to say, take tranquilizers.