Shanty Gold Book Club Challenge

I have been M.I.A. for a short time. My excuse? Readings, marketing, writing the second book in the series, cooking, eating, life.

But I just got a good idea from another writer, and it sounds like fun. So, here goes:


I challenge myself to meet with 100 book clubs (in person or Skype) during the next year. I now challenge my readers of this blog who belong to a book club or have friends who belong to a book club, to take me up on this challenge. Spread the word.

In person or on Skype, I will answer questions about Shanty Gold, my second book, Lace Curtain, writing, research, Ireland travel, publishing, marriage, therapy dogs, cooking, sex, drugs, rock and roll, or anything else a book club wants to discuss.

I only draw the line if someone wants me to vote for Donald Trump or Ben Carson. That is beyond  possibility. But I would be happy to hear why you think it mightSo You Wanna be a Writer be a good idea.

Contact me here or on Facebook.


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