The Bear and the Cross

I always wear the same jewelry. It’s simple and saves time dressing. I wear my wedding ring, for sure. But also, there are two silver chains around my neck. Add a pair of silver hoop earrings and I’m good to go. But there’s more to what’s on those chains than efficiency.


One chain carries a silver bear. The other, a silver cross.2014-12-08 16.40.36


Sallie Bissell, a dear friend and fellow writer, gave me the bear when I had breast cancer two years ago. The bear’s nose is pointed toward my heart to give me strength. It’s a Native American totem and something about that culture attracts me. Plus, it reminds me of Sallie, which always makes me smile.


The cross was a gift from my daughter. I never wore a cross before because I didn’t feel holy enough to justify it. Felt like it was false advertising.  I’m still not very holy, but I do think the man who hung on this cross was the holiest human who ever walked this earth. So, I’m hoping this reminder will keep me straight.


I like the idea of covering my bases from both an earthly and heavenly realm.


And like I said—it makes life simpler. In so many ways.