The Bear and the Cross

I always wear the same jewelry. It’s simple and saves time dressing. I wear my wedding ring, for sure. But also, there are two silver chains around my neck. Add a pair of silver hoop earrings and I’m good to go. But there’s more to what’s on those chains than efficiency.


One chain carries a silver bear. The other, a silver cross.2014-12-08 16.40.36


Sallie Bissell, a dear friend and fellow writer, gave me the bear when I had breast cancer two years ago. The bear’s nose is pointed toward my heart to give me strength. It’s a Native American totem and something about that culture attracts me. Plus, it reminds me of Sallie, which always makes me smile.


The cross was a gift from my daughter. I never wore a cross before because I didn’t feel holy enough to justify it. Felt like it was false advertising.  I’m still not very holy, but I do think the man who hung on this cross was the holiest human who ever walked this earth. So, I’m hoping this reminder will keep me straight.


I like the idea of covering my bases from both an earthly and heavenly realm.


And like I said—it makes life simpler. In so many ways.


jeanne charters Jeanne Charters writes about the business of living your life to the fullest. Over the years through her magazine columns, books and blog posts, she has sought to help other women face life's challenges through humor, strength and perseverance.

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