Irish Eyes Are Smiling

And Irish hands are functioning much better after two carpal tunnel surgeries!

Not 100% yet, but getting there. I’m back to writing and editing Lace Curtain,  the second book in

my Daughters of Ireland Trilogy and am liking what I see.

This is the story of Nellie Kelly, Mary Boland’s daughter, growing up in Boston during the Reconstruction after the Civil War. Back then

they called it The War of Rebellion.

Nellie’s a beautiful, headstrong young woman and wants to be the first in her family to attend college. She graduates from High School the

same year Wellesley is founded.

Goal: Have this book on my agent’s desk this summer.

But for now,  here’s my second installment of that radio interview I did in Marshall.

We get a lot more into process in these last two sections and, if you’re curious about why you don’t see much of me when I’m knee deep

in writing, this may explain it.

Reminder–if you haven’t read Shanty Gold, get it soon so you’ll be up to snuff when Lace Curtain is available. It’s a great read.th_013