It’s a song I remember from earliest childhood:

All praise to St. Patrick who brought to our mountains

the gift of God’s faith, the sweet light of his love.

All praise to the shepherd who showed us the fountains

that rise in the heart of the savior above.

For thousands of years, in smiles and in tears, our Saint has been with us, our shield and our stay.

All else may  have gone: St. Patrick alone…

He has been to us light when earth’s lights were all set

For the glory of faith you can never decay.

And so, dear St. Patrick will be with us yet

On the glorious feast of St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick was always a favorite saint of mine. He came to Ireland in the 16th century to

bring Christianity to pagans.

But the cool thing about Pat is that he let so many of the pagan rites and artifacts remain.

That’s why when you visit Ireland, you’ll see ancient springs and ruins named for Pagan gods fromIreland 2010 055 prehistoric times.

Sweet guy, so lift a Guinness to celebrate him!Matt n JeanneRemember, tune in your computer or smart phone this Wednesday, March 16, at 2:00 p.m. to hear a reading of Shanty Gold and an interview by Donna Levine-Small. Just click: and listen. We’ll have fun.