Irish Medical Advice

I’ve been lying low lately due to terrible pain and numbness in both hands. Been through physical therapy twice for this condition to no avail.

Finally had an MRI on my neck which revealed cervical stenosis, so all the docs and I thought that was the problem.

However, a nerve conduction test (not recommended unless you like having needles inserted into tender places which are then electrically stimulated—ouch!) revealed a much simpler problem.

Carpal tunnel syndrome!

Never thought I’d welcome a diagnosis that would involve two surgeries two weeks apart. But this one made me dance for joy. My research on cervical stenosis surgery scared the sweet bejeesus out of me.

So, here’s my gift for you.

While Bucky and I were doing a therapy-dog gig at a rehab center, the therapist, thinking I was going in for the neck surgery, said this:


  1. Find out how many surgeries like this your surgeon has done in the past year.
  2. Ask his infection rate.
  3. Learn what metal he will use if that is necessary.
  4. Be tested by a metal lab to make sure you’re not allergic to it.
  5. See your dentist and make sure no gingivitis.

I shared these tips with my literary agent, Jeanie Loiacono, and she recommended I tell you as well.

So, dear reader, I am doing just that.

Slaꞌinte! (To your health in the Irish language).Bucky3