Shanty Gold Selling Well

Just spent a few hours at Mountain Made in the Grove Arcade meeting, greeting, and selling books to some very nice folks. One in particular recently moved here from California.

He has worked many years for Hewlitt-Packard. I asked him if he had worked under Carly Fiorina.

He said, “Oh yes.”

“What did you think of her?”

“Well, when she was fired, everyone in my department jumped onto their desks and cheered.”

He said she heartlessly laid off people nearing retirement with decades of experience with H.P. Verified my sense of the woman from the get go. Cold and an empty suit. And this from a company known for their compassion and care for employees. Fortunately, she seems to have phased way down in the numbers for Republicans, this leaving us with Donald Trump!

Oy vey, such a headache he gives me. And I’m not Jewish–or Mexican–or Muslim.

In my dreams, right before the election, he gets on TV and announces his candidacy was just a big joke. That he wanted to hold up a mirror to Americans to show them just how foolish they have become. Wishful thinking, I fear.

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