Review Shanty Gold

On Amazon, I am stuck at 17 reviews–16 five stars and one four star. I’ve heard that Amazon begins to pay attention and push your book if you hit 50 legit reviews.

So, if you’ve read Shanty Gold, please give me a review on Amazon. Be honest. If you didn’t like it, say so. I’m a big girl and I personally think it’s a great novel. But what do I know? I could be prejudiced.Matt n Jeanne

In the meantime, I hope as you end 2015 and tip toe into 2016, you are feeling healthy, happy, and wise. Or if not wise, at least goofy. Actually, goofy beats wise in my book any day.

Goofy has saved my sanity more than once and I pray it will continue to do that until I’m toes up.

Happy New Year!