Shanty Gold’s First Review

On Sunday at Mass, a retired doctor approached me and had finished reading Shanty Gold  and wanted to discuss casting the movie. Fun!!

Also, in setting up readings around the country, I met by phone a gentleman named John Carswell. I will be reading for his group in September. He and his wife both read Shanty Gold over the weekend and this is what he has to say.

First Review on Shanty Gold.

“I am the coordinator of Irish Cultural/Educational programs at an Irish Center in The Capitol of New York State. I had a special interest in reading Shanty Gold since the author Jeanne Charters is presenting her book at our September 23rd 2015 meeting.

I was not disappointed since the book is a great story about the experiences of many of our Irish relatives who came to the United States at the height of the Irish Famine 1845 to 1855, the coffin ships many found transport in, the rape and slaughter they faced, and finally the perseverance needed to survive in Boston Massachusetts where no Irish need to apply for jobs.

The central characters Mary Boland and Kamua Okafor a black boy had similar horrendous experiences from a society with rampant prejudices.

The book achieved its purpose better in many ways of getting you in touch with the Irish experience compared to a lecture covering the same topics. I look forward to the two books which are to follow completing this trilogy of Irish immigrant pain, strength and success.

Books like this prove that historic fiction can be one of the many avenues to enjoy the culture and history of people.”

John W. Carswell

Such words make all the work worthwhile. I invite you to skip on over to Amazon to read this and other reviews on Shanty Gold.  By the way, did you know that if you have an iPad, you can get a free Kindle app for it and order Shanty Gold?