Shanty Gold, on your Nook or Kindle


By the time you read this, Shanty Gold should be published on every “e” format in the world.


The print book will take an extra month.


I had no idea how labor intensive this whole publishing business was going to be. After years of writing, editing, querying agents, and rewrites, I figured now I could relax.


Ho ho…the labor had just begun. Now, I’m immersed in setting up readings and reviews in Asheville, Albany, and Boston. The only ones firm are in Albany. They are set for September 24 and 25 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians and The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, respectively.


Now, I’m trying to get reviews. And book clubs. If you belong to a book club, read Shanty Gold. The response I’ve gotten from editors and proofreaders make me confident in telling you that you will love it.


My final read of the galleys reminded me what a good book it is. It had been so long since I’d just sat down and read it that I’d forgotten. Man, it moves like a freight train!


So, I’m now trying to finish Lace Curtain, the second installment in the Daughters of Ireland trilogy. It’s a struggle, but I’ll get ‘er done eventually.


I hope you enjoy Shanty Gold; and if you do, please tell your friends. And for God’s sake, tell me. Writers are insecure little critters after all.

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