Ten Fun Facts About Jeanne Charters

I love wine. I know, I know, I’m Irish, so it should be beer or whiskey. (Well, sometimes it’s whiskey—especially on St. Patrick’s Day.)


I love my therapy dog, Bucky, beyond reason. He’s brought more fun into my life than anyone since Matt.  Bucky3


Born in Ohio, I moved to Chicago at age 22 to follow my first husband’s career. That’s what good little girls did in those days.


I adore trashy tabloids. Well, not as trashy as The Star. I do have my scruples. But definitely People magazine and Us Weekly. Oh, and I am also fanatic about reality TV—but not the Kardashians.


Horror movies used to be an addiction. My mother attributed this to the fact that the night before my birth, she attended a double Frankenstein feature.


I’m a really good cook. But I can’t make pie. Used to be able to do that but lately, every time I’ve tried, the crust just falls apart. Every time! Don’t give me tips. I just buy Marie Callender.


I only read one third of the first book of Fifty Shades of Grey. No offense, E. L. James. It wasn’t the erotica that troubled me. It was your writing.


But I’m going to see the movie. I loved Dakota Johnson in Ben and Kate, a short-lived TV sitcom and she plays the girl seduced by Mr. Grey.


I really am Irish—100%. At least as Irish as anyone can be with all the invasions. So was my first husband. So my four daughters are all 100% Irish, too.


I hope Shanty Gold sells half as many copies as Fifth Shades of Grey. If it does, Tullamore Dew whiskey on the house!