Saving Kamua’s Bacon in Shanty Gold


I may have mentioned that while writing a book, I am unable to outline. I know the beginning and I know the end. That’s it!  ShantyGoldFront-200x300-72dpi


Wish that were different. I’d probably save myself years of editing.


But on the other hand, I kind of love the fact that my characters take control. I may have one plan for a character, but then he or she

wakes me in the middle of the night and says, “No! That won’t work!”


I always listen to those nocturnal messages. And to my critique group—in most cases. Once, my critique group saved my plot after I

allowed Kamua Okafor to join the sailors in Mary Boland’s rape aboard The Pilgrims Dandy. “No!” They screamed in unison. “If that happens, Kamua is lost to the

book. He’s a valuable character.”


Although sometimes an author must ignore messages from others in regard to her plot, that was one time I’m glad I listened.




Because they were so right!