Irish Technology…


Or the lack of talent for it.


Since this grand adventure of authoring a novel (Shanty Gold) has commenced, I have been swamped in a staggering flood of technology.


For instance, how to maneuver Word Press. That’s what I use for these blogs.


Finally, I can add pictures without tearing my hair out. Thank you, Chancer. I bought the book, Word Press for Dummies, but I was way too dumb for it. That should have been a sign.


Then came creating an Amazon author page. “It’s easy,” writer friend, Sallie Bissell, says.


Yeah, right.


The latest brain twister in internet world is called Square Reader.


“It’s simple, Mom,” says doctor/painter daughter Stacia. “First, you download the Square Reader app on your smart phone.”


Oh, crap! How in the name of God do I find the Square Reader app?


A Square webinar helped, and I nearly squealed with joy when I finally got that app downloaded. Victory! Following the instructions from the webinar, I nimbly navigated from a page that told me how many books I’ve sold through how to charge a credit card for them. I even figured out how to add tax.


When Matt came home, I pulled out my phone and plugged in my Square Reader as though I’ve been using it for years. I took a payment from him and marveled as it registered. I was becoming a techno-whiz.


Not so fast. How did I find all those other pages earlier in the day? I mean the inventory, sales, and tax pages.


Once again, I was lost in the bewildering world of cyberspace. I hang my head in shame.


Pray for me. I’m too old for all this.So You Wanna be a Writer