Saints Preserve Us!

Saints Preserve Us! That’s an old Irish expression I grew up hearing from ancient aunts and uncles. They weren’t that far “off the boat,” you see and wanted to preserve their Irish heritage as best they could. Thank you, Aunt Norah, Aunt Mabel, Aunt Mamie, and Uncle Dan.


Everybody knows about St. Patrick, right?  He’s the one who ran the snakes out of Ireland—except that’s a myth. But he is the one who brought Christianity to Ireland.

But how about Saint Kevin? 

Ireland 2010 055On one of my trips to Ireland, I visited Glendalough Cemetery, the site of an early Irish Monastery founded by a monk named Kevin. He died sometime in the 7th Century and is buried at Glendalough.

Legend has it that if you can wrap your arms around his tombstone, you’re in good stead to go to heaven someday. I finally did it.


Seriously though, if you are craving a spiritual haven where you can feel close to God, go to Glendalough. It’s one of those feelings you can’t explain, like at the catacombs in Rome, but the presence of so many spirits at Glendalough join your own in a symphony of peace that you’ll never forget it.100_0791


Where is the most peaceful place you’ve ever been? Let me know, please.